Make a Heart Mobile

Make A Love Mobile Tutorial | Salt & Twine Blog

I wanted to get this out to you last week, but I’ve been a bit under the weather. I’m on the mend now, so here you go. If it’s too late for hearts, change it up and make one with circles instead (virtually any of the Lucky Charms marshmallow shapes will do). Either way, make your home happy.

Make A Love Mobile Tutorial | Salt & Twine Blog

This is my front table. The owl cookie jar and vintage, hobnail milk glass vase were both gifts and they make me smile. My friend, Toni is responsible for that vase (technically, I think it’s a juice glass, but let’s not be too knit-picky, k?). And, in case she’s reading this: Thanks, Toni – I LOVE IT! She has the coolest, funkiest stuff, and gave a few really cool pieces to me after she heard me pining (whining?) for that hobnail milk glass for what probably felt like forever. How generous, right!? Also, Toni has a knack for finding the best stuff, thrifting. One of these days her cool is going to rub off on me and I’ll start finding the funky awesome stuff all by myself… maybe. I’m not holding my breath.

Make A Love Mobile Tutorial | Salt & Twine Blog
Anyway, back to this cute, little mobile. It’s adorable, it’s super easy, and it’s cheap. Sold? Good.

Start by twisting a wire coat hanger so that it looks like a helicopter blade with a hook (see picture below). Cut out some paper hearts (or whatever shapes you want). Decorate your paper hearts with more paper, ribbon, glitter, string, rocks, cheese – whatever you want. Tape them onto some string/yarn/ribbon/fishing line.

If you want to be super fancy you can make it double sided. What!? Extravagant, I know. Don’t get crazy.

Make A Love Mobile Tutorial | Salt & Twine Blog

Tie the tops of your strings to the helicopter-blade-hanger. Spread them out so that they don’t touch each other, and try to make sure your hearts don’t line up horizontally. It should look random and full.

Here’s the tricky part. When you’re done with all the heart strings, you will have a bunch of pretty things hanging from a… wire hanger. That’s not pretty. So, cover it up. I got some creamy white yarn and wrapped it around the hanger, weaving around the strings that were already tied to it. Toward each end of the hanger the yarn started slipping off, so I got out some glue to keep it in place.

Finally, find a convenient hook and hang your mobile up. I hung mine up on a plant hanger that has been hanging in my front window since before we moved in.

Make A Love Mobile Tutorial | Salt & Twine Blog

If this mobile isn’t doing anything for you, but you still want to make something fun and easy, check out Nester’s DIY Arrows. I love her blog, and she’s taught me that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.

That’s it. Now go be crafty. xoxoxo

PS If you’re looking to treat yourself, or any other nerd girl that you know and love, for Valentine’s Day, I posted some Valentine Confessions of A Nerdy Girl (& 10 Gift Ideas) a couple of weeks ago. It’s never too late for a treat.


3 responses to “Make a Heart Mobile

  1. So, we made this on Valentine’s day. I led the craft project with all 4 nieces & nephews. The toughest part was wrapping the yarn around the hanger at the end. Most of us gave up lol:) However, we thought it would be a good 1st step to cover the hanger with the yarn FIRST and then proceed:) But it was fun and the kids sure were proud of their creations and I was proud of them for sticking with it since it ended up being quite a long project!:) Jennifer was relaxing on the sofa laughing at us most of the time:) Thanks for the wonderful idea Christine! I did tell them all that this is Tia Christine’s project on her very own website. Nathan was like – “her very own website???!!!” 🙂

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